• Buntús Cainte - MP3 Course - Learning Method

    You can use Buntús Cainte in any way you want to help you learn Irish. However, each lesson is designed to be completed one day at a time. You should study at your own pace. A lesson might take you five minutes, or it might take you a couple of hours.

    New words and phrases

    The first part of the recording introduces you to new material. You should listen to this two or three times to get familiar with the words and phrases.

    Next, listen to the first part of the recording once or twice more. This time, pause after each word or phrase and try to repeat the Irish aloud.

    You should now be able to understand the basic sentences following the new material.

    Basic sentences

    Listen to the basic sentences a few times. You should be able to understand and use these sentences now.

    When you’re confident, you can listen to and repeat the revision sentences.

    It's a really good idea to try and mix the sentences up, to see if you can make  your own.

    Additional dialogue

    The course contains some additional vocabulary which is used in the dialogue. You can pause the audio to review this text. Then you can listen to the dialogue.

    Roleplay dialogue

    Listen the whole way through the dialogue first. Make sure you understand most or all of the meaning.

    Then listen to the audio and repeat the Irish until you’re sure you’ve mastered the conversation.

    Starting the next lesson

    The next day, before you start a new lesson, it’s a good idea to review the previous day’s dialogue. You might need to listen to the whole lesson to revise the vocabulary.

    Posted Aug 31 2011


    ddw100 wrote re: Buntús Cainte - MP3 Course - Learning Method
    on Sat, Nov 26 2011 4:09

    Could you send me the text from the MP3 Beginner Course?  I've got a blackberry and cannot see the text while playing the MP3s

    My email address is dwalsh128181@hotmail.com

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