Irish Proverb 312 - Seanfhocail Ghaeilge 312

Is é seo Seanfhocal an Lae:

Today's Proverb is:

Is túisce deoch ná scéal.

Seo ciall an tseanfhocail:

The translation or meaning is:

A drink precedes a story.
(When someone comes to your house, you should offer them a drink first).

An bhfuil a mhalairt de thuairim agat maidir le ciall an tseanfhocail seo, nó ar mhaith leat an t-aistriúchán s’agatsa a roinnt linn? Déan caint ar seo thíos.

Got a different idea on what this proverb means or want to share your own translation? Comment below. 


Posted Jan 06 2017
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