Irish Proverb 12 - Seanfhocail Ghaeilge 12

Is é seo Seanfhocal an Lae:

Today's Proverb is:

An té nach mbeireann ar an ngnó beireann an gnó air.

Seo ciall an tseanfhocail:

The translation or meaning is:

He who does not get a grip on the job, the job gets a grip on him.

An bhfuil a mhalairt de thuairim agat maidir le ciall an tseanfhocail seo, nó ar mhaith leat an t-aistriúchán s’agatsa a roinnt linn? Déan caint ar seo thíos.

Got a different idea on what this proverb means or want to share your own translation? Comment below. 


Posted Mar 12 2017


chris wrote re: Irish Proverb 12 - Seanfhocail Ghaeilge 12
on 03-15-2010 3:23

I thought job was post or obar

michelle wrote re: Irish Proverb 12 - Seanfhocail Ghaeilge 12
on 03-15-2010 5:03

gnó is 'business' so I guess this could equally be translated using that word. I'd be interested in getting a literal translation.

Dale D wrote re: Irish Proverb 12 - Seanfhocail Ghaeilge 12
on 03-12-2012 15:51

I'm curious about a couple of aspects of the pronunciation.  I assume this is Ulster dialect being used?

First, the pronunciation of "gnó" sounds like "gró", as if part of the "n" were cut off or something.  I've noticed that in a couple of other expressions with a word starting with "gn", which doesn't seem to follow the convention in English where the initial "g" in a "gn" word like "gnome" becomes silent.  I expected a blending of "gn", but not a "gr"!

Second, the first occurrence of "gnó" in this proverb is eclipsed with an "n" in front of the "g", which one would think would be pronounced as a redundant "n" (in other words, as just "n"), but the spoken pronunciation here sounds identical to the non-eclipsed version.  I listened to it three times to be sure.  Maybe my hearing isn't 20-20 any more, but it sounds like both times the word is spoken as "gró".

Can anyone enlighten me?  Is this at all a peculiarity of the Ulster dialect, or are similar things found elsewhere in the other dialects?

Go raibh maith agaibh.

Dale D

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