Irish Proverb 15 - Seanfhocail Ghaeilge 15

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Is é seo Seanfhocal an Lae:

Today's Proverb is:

Nuair a chruaíonn an tslat is deacair í a sníomh ina gad.

Seo ciall an tseanfhocail:

The translation or meaning is:

When the rod hardens with age it's difficult to bend it.

An bhfuil a mhalairt de thuairim agat maidir le ciall an tseanfhocail seo, nó ar mhaith leat an t-aistriúchán s’agatsa a roinnt linn? Déan caint ar seo thíos.

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Posted Mar 15 2017


Rainbird wrote re: Irish Proverb 15 - Seanfhocail Ghaeilge 15
on 05-11-2010 15:09

Cant teach an old dog new tricks

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