Irish Word a Day - Frog - Frog



With Article (Singular)

an frog
the frog

Example Sentence

Tá frog beag glas agam.
I have a little green frog.



Posted Oct 13 2016
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faberm wrote re: Irish Word a Day - Frog - Frog
on Tue, Oct 13 2009 4:51

Is this a borrowed word, or is it the original word for frog in Irish?

michelle wrote re: Irish Word a Day - Frog - Frog
on Fri, Oct 16 2009 8:44

I've always been curious about frogs in Ireland (we used to have them in our garden at home and I was obsessed with frogs for years). When I studied at Trinity College Dublin, I was told that frogs are a recent introduction to Ireland - and that the whole population of Ireland stemmed from 2 frogs that had been introduced to an ornamental pond in the college hundreds of years before.

Knowing that we don't have certain species - most famously, snakes - due to our isolation as an island, lead me to see this as plausible. Genetic testing has shown that Irish frogs are however a mix of recent introductions, and survivors from before the last ice age. And the only place in Ireland you'll find a toad is in County Kerry.

None of this helps you with your question! Frog comes from the Old English frogga, and frog in Irish can also be know as 'loscán'.


YoungSpoon wrote re: Irish Word a Day - Frog - Frog
on Fri, Oct 14 2011 1:03

I'm afraid to say that toads are more widespread than Kerry. There's an incredible amount of them throughout the country. Particularly in bogland/fields.

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