Irish word a day - Scuab Ghruaige - Hairbrush

scuab ghruaige


With Article (Singular)

an scuab ghruaige
the hairbrush

Example Sentence

Tá scuab buí gruaige agam.
I have a yellow hairbrush.



Posted Aug 04 2016


fearfeasa wrote re: Irish word a day - Scuab Ghruaige - Hairbrush
on Thu, Aug 4 2011 15:06

According to de Bhaldraithe's English-Irish dictionary the Irish for 'hair brush' is scuab gruaige' (no 'h' after the 'g').

'a yellow hair brush' should be 'scuab gruaige buí'

(I think that 'scuab buí gruaige' translates as 'a yellow brush of hair!)

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