Irish Word a Day - Cnaipe - Button



With Article (Singular)

an cnaipe
the button

Example Sentence

Thit an cnaipe díom.
My button fell off.



Posted Nov 25 2016


jrlarsonus wrote re: Irish Word a Day - Cnaipe - Button
on Thu, Nov 25 2010 12:12

This sounds for all the world like you're pronouncing it CR -- craipe. Is that right?

curlies69 wrote re: Irish Word a Day - Cnaipe - Button
on Fri, Nov 25 2011 12:03

I guess this word has roots in the Old Norse 'Knappr'.

seano wrote re: Irish Word a Day - Cnaipe - Button
on Mon, Nov 28 2011 21:30

Yes, you're both right. In the Ulster dialect, words like cnaipe and cnoc (hill) and cnámh (bone) are pronounced craipe, croc and crámh. In the south they still pronounce them with an n. And this word does derive from knappr, a Viking word. The Irish took a small but important group of words from Old Norse. Most of these were to do with boats and sailing (bád = boat, seol = sail, cíle = keel) and with commerce (scilling = shilling, pingin = penny, margadh = market). This word cnaipe is one of the few Viking words in Irish which doesn't belong to these two categories.

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