popcorn in Irish?

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    popcorn in Irish?

    I was eating a bowl of popcorn when what should pop into my mind? How do you say "popcorn" in Irish?Stick out tongue

    As I write this post here in Connecticut on January 12, we are being buried in 18 or more inches of snow, "Tá sé ag cur sneachta anois".

    I understand that many of you folk in Ireland have recently seen more "sneachta" than you are used to. Is there still any left?


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    Re: popcorn in Irish?


    grán rósta


     an sneachta leáite - the snow is melted! (I hope that's correct as it's my attempt at a translation of what I'd say in English - perhaps Irish has got a different way of describing the disappearance of snow!).

    Is fearr dhá theanga ná ceann amháin…

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    Re: popcorn in Irish?

    Those are indeed the correct expressions. I think I remember hearing the phrase arbhar borrtha somewhere for popcorn, but of course popcorn isn't corn in the European sense, it's sweetcorn or maize, what the Irish used to call min bhuí or yellow meal. As for melting, leá is certainly the standard expression but many people in the north would use the expression cascairt for melting - tá cascairt ag teacht ar an sneachta, or tá an sneachta ag cascairt. But it's six of one and half a dozen of the other, or if you prefer, is ionann an cás, an t-éag is an bás!

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