Final Quiz issues in Lesson 1

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    Final Quiz issues in Lesson 1

    I'm having issues with the final quiz on lesson 1.  It won't let me take the quiz b/c it says I have not gone through all the options but as far as I'm aware I have.  Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Re: First lessons

    The quiz on our interactive Buntús Cainte course can display that message for a number of reasons.

    First, if you start a lesson and complete any portion of it, the quiz will recognise the questions that you've attempted, or skipped past, and will remember those actions.

    Second, you must always click the 'submit answer' or 'check answer' button to ensure the quiz checks your answer. If you just click through to the next screen without doing this, unfortunately it decides that you haven't actually completed all the options. This isn't a glitch - it's the only way the software lets us build the quiz. But it is not intuitive.

    Try opening the lesson and clicking the 'refresh' button on your browser. This will clear all the old results from the quiz. Then you can go through the lesson, complete each question and click the 'submit' or 'check answer' button. You should get a complete quiz score at this point.

    We are working to simplify the quiz recording mechanism as this is a very frustrating experience. We're trying to get the resources together to create an interactive course that will work on desktop and iPad too as so many learners have been asking for that. Let me know if you need more advice re: the lessons or quiz!


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