Tá mé tuirseach !

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    Tá mé tuirseach !

    Bhí mé ag siopadóireacht ar maidin.

    I need help with the last part please.

    I was shopping " this morning" or even better yet...all day..would be nice to learn.

    Grma 😁


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    Re: Tá mé tuirseach !

    ...ar maidin means this morning.

    Bhí mé ag siopadóireacht ar maidin, I was shopping this morning

    Tá súil agam go bhfuil sibh uilig go maith ar maidin, I hope ypou are all weel this morning

    Tá an aimsir lofa ar maidin, the weather is rotten this morning

    Tá drochbhail orm ar maidin, I'm in a bad state this morning

    But it can also mean in the morning, of the morning

    Is maith liom tae ar maidin, I like tea in the morning

    Tiocfaidh mé ar an hocht a chlog ar maidin, I'll come at 8 o'clock in the morning

    All day would be an la uilig or an lá ar fad

    Bhi mé ag siopadóireacht an lá uilig, I was shopping all day

    Bhi mé ag siopadóireacht an lá ar fad, I was shopping all day

    Or you could say...

    Chaith mé an lá ag siopadóireacht, literally, I spent the day shopping

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