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    Translation help

    Hi there, 


    A few years ago I asked someone for a translation on a different forum. It was for a commemorative tattoo which I have yet to get. I wanted to post the translation here and see what people translate it as, to check its accuracy. 


    The phrase is "Fad is a mhairfidh mé, ní chaillfear thú go brách."


    Any help or input would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Translation help

    I know what you mean. Sadly this site isn't very active but when it is, it's a fantastic site ! When Michelle first started this site it was booming. But I think what happened , as it does with many language learning sites, people are too shy, or afraid of making mistakes, or quit because they have no one to practice it with. That's just my humble opinion. 😊

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    Re: Translation help

    This phrase means "As long as I will live, you will never be lost."

    "go brách" is not commonly used nowadays but instead go deo would be used.  But for a tattoo maybe you want to use this older form?

    If the meaning you were looking for was you will never be forgotten then "Ní dhéanfar dearmad ort" would be literal


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