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    I hope someone can help me regarding a name. I am looking to find an Irish spelling of the name 'Ollie'. I know 'Oilibhear', is the Gaelic  for Oliver and would be very grateful if someone could suggest or know a gaelic form of the name'Ollie'.

    Thank you. 


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    Re: Name

    Hello, Lorna.

    I have always understood "Ollie" to be a diminutive form of the name "Oliver".  At least, I don't know of any other source for it; my prime example is, of course, Oliver Hardy of Laurel and Hardy, who was always address by Stan Laurel as "Ollie".

    While translations of names into Irish are often possible, as with your example of "Oilibhear", diminutive forms of names are not always as straightforward as that.  You may wind up stuck with "Oilibhear".

    There are a variety of online Irish Name Translation services, but I could not find "Ollie" on any of my favorite ones.

    Good luck!

    Dale D

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    Re: Name

    Is feidir leat é a litriú Olí agus fuaimníonn tú sin agus an béarla mar a gcéanna ach ní ainm gaelach é. 

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