Croía / Croíagh?

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    Croía / Croíagh?

    Hi. I'd love some fluent Irish speakers to give me their option on something.


    My name is Crea. I've been told it's an ancient Wexford name. I've  been trying to find reference to it in any old texts for about 30 years but I cant (it has since made its way into books & baby name websites). Obviously, in Irish, it wouldn't be spelled CREA so I've guessed it should be spelled Croía or Croíagh. 


    Have any of you heard of my name or read about it in old texts? And more importantly, should it be spelled Croía or Croíagh? And what would it translate to; would it be 'of the heart', ''from the heart' or what?


    Any help would be great.


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    Re: Croía / Croíagh?

    Tá brón orm. Níl mé Gaeilgeoir líofa. 

    I'm sorry. I'm not a fluent Irish speaker. 


    Ach tá mé anseo. 

    But I am here. 


    I've never heard of Crea, Croía, or Croíagh as names. 

    croí = heart

    ón chroí = of the heart

    den chroí = from the heart


    I guess you could address someone you loved by saying, " a chroí ", but I don't know what would cause an "uh" sound at the end... 


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