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    Character Name

    Hello! I would really appreciate a bit of help regarding a character's name. I'm looking for a word that would translate roughly or directly to Mist, or something similar to that like cloud, fog, etc. I've found the word Ceò, which seems to mean "mist," exactly, but I'm a bit concerned about whether its appripriate for a name. any context or advice regarding this word would be very helpful and much appreciated!

    Kind regards!

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    Re: Character Name

    Ceo is a word that means fog or mist, yes. It has no accent, and the accent you've used does not exist in Irish at all. 

    I have not seen ceo used as a name. 

    Personally, I think Ceobhrán would make a nice name. It means light drizzle, mist, or haze; alternately, a thin layer. It is pronounced KYO-vron. 

    I have not seen it used as a name either, but you needn't let that worry you. 

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    Re: Character Name

    Another word that came up in my search is brádán.  I don't know if it matters to you, or what the gender of your character is, but both ceo and its variant ceobhrán, and brádán are all masculine gender words in Irish.  Of course, cailín (girl) is also a masculine word, so maybe that doesn't matter.  But if you are concerned about having a feminine gendered word for a feminine charachter or vice versa, I thought that should be pointed out.




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