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    Blog spéisiúil - i mBearla

    Fuair mé an blog seo, ‘How to Learn Any Language in 3 Months’ agus shíl me go raibh sé iontach suimiúil. Tugann sé comhairle maith do daoine ag foglaim teanga nua.


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    Re: Blog spéisiúil - i mBearla

    Hmmm...intriguing, but on inspection I find that his "deconstructing" of Irish would have us all walking running while sreaming away from learning Irish. Let's review the "deconstruction": grammar structure (VSO), new sounds (you bet), similarity to another language (no way).

    Also, his "test" for exposing "dreaded noun cases" fails in Irish:

    The apple is red. Tá dath dearg ar an t-úll.

    It is John's apple. Is le Séan an t-úll.

    I give John the apple. Tugaim an t-úll do Shéan.

    (I'm just a learner, so you experts please correct the above if necessary).

    It appears that his 3 sentences do reveal interesting aspects of Irish, but do not "ëxpose" anything about noun cases in Irish.

    An effective tip that I found on the internet is to speak out loud while gesturing. One polyglot suggests that aloud recitation should be accompanied by brisk walking and gesturing. See, for example, And also from the scientific community.




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