flash card game

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    flash card game

    I cannot for the life of me work out how to play the flash card game. When I do as the rules state, it just tells me almost straight away, that I've broken the chain. Could anyone please expain the rules more fully. I appreciate that the fault may be mine, but where does it lie? It does look like a most useful resource, if I could only learn how to cope with it.


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    Re: flash card game

    Dia Duit Randall


    Its like a memory trail.  You must always start with the first square, then the second, then the third and so on. Example: the first square is gorm, press it. Then it will tell you gorm again and then another square like bui.  So you must start with gorm and then press bui. Then it will tell you again gorm, bui and then say dhearg. So you again press gorm first then bui and then dhearg.  And so the game goes on.  I find it quite useful.

    I hope this helps


    Hogan (Beginner Smile )

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