How to say this in Gaelic ?

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    How to say this in Gaelic ?

    Hi everyone,


    I was just wondering what "Do you have a boyfriend" translates too as I know the grammer for "I have a boyfriend". I can't even find the answer on Google.

    Is it An bhfuil buachaill ?

    Thank you

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    Re: How to say this in Gaelic ?

    I would think the correct phrase would be, "An bhfuil buachaill agat?"  The idiom "to have" is expressed using the preposition "ag" (meaning at) and the prepositional pronouns constructed from it are typically used unless a defined person is indicated.

    Dale D

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    Re: How to say this in Gaelic ?


    I am wondering how to write a name in gaelic. My husband is part Irish and I was wanting to surprise him with his name in gaelic script for a tattoo idea for his birthday. 

    His name is Zachary Shane.

    Thank you. 

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    Re: How to say this in Gaelic ?


    Generally, a name only has an Gaelic form if it was Gaelic to begin with, or if a non-native name was borrowed and adapted and given a Gaelic form through popular use.

    The Shane part is easy enough. Shane is an anglicized form of Seán.

    But Zachary is of Hebrew origin and has no real translation or Gaelic equivalent I'm afraid. There is an Irish translation of the Old Testament and in it, Zechariah (of which Zachary is a variant) is written as Zacairiá. That's basically a madey-up phoentic spelling. Using the Old Testament example, I guess Zachary could be rendered as Zacairí. Would I get, or recommend anyone else should get a tatoo with the name Zaicairí Seán? I would not.

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