Having some trouble with this phrase...

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    Having some trouble with this phrase...

    Between the translation of the words and the structure of the sentence I'm a little lost.

    "An dtiocfaidh liom uisce a fháil, le do thoil?"  agus "An dtiocfaidh linn an bille a fháil, le do thoil?"


    I have the understanding of the entire phrases down, which is what byki has offered me. BYKI's translations are "May I have some water, please?" and "May we have the bill, please?"  That's all fine and dandy.  What I'm lost at is the translation for "tiocfaidh" and "fáil" in the sentences as well as the placement of the noun.


    I've been able to break it down a little so you all can see where I'm at...

    An.. Used to form questions.

    tiocfaidh..future analytic of "tar" where "tar" means "to come".

    liom..with me    linn..with us

    uisce...water    an bille...bill

    a fháil...where this is a contraction of "faigh+áil"


    áil...suffix to form verbal nouns


    So my questions revolve around the use of tiocfaidh agus fáil.  Is there another definiton for tiocfaidh that I'm missing?  Could this be translated as "bring"?  That's making a little more sense in my head.  As in "[In the future] bring me water, please?" but in this case I don't see where a fháil would come into play or make sense.  This is what I'm currently struggling with.

    I was also thinking how one could replace the first part of the question with a less formal question  "An féidir leat..."


    Also byki originally had it spelt as "tiocfadh".  Was that a typo or is that a colloquial way of spelling the same word?




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