Irish to Japanese translator.

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    Irish to Japanese translator.

    Dia dhaoibh, tá áthas orm bualadh libh. Blaise atá orm. Is Astrálach mé. Tá mé ag foghlaim na Gaeilge le cúig bliana is fiche anuas agus tá mé i gcónaí ag foghlaim! :darklaugh: 

    (Hi, nice to meet you all. My name is Blaise. I'm Australian. I have been learning Irish for 25 years and I am still learning! :darklaugh: )

    Why Irish? I fell in love with Irish music (Clannad) and then I discovered the language that goes with it. I lived in Tokyo for sixteen years and made five trips to Ireland in all. (At one stage I was teaching Irish to Japanese students at a private language school in Tokyo.) Now I sing songs in Irish and play uilleann pipes here in Oz.

    Let us know what sparked _your_ interest in Irish. 





    video production rates


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    Re: Irish to Japanese translator.

    Hello, Blaise,

    Because you dealt so well with the subject of this forum, I have approved your post, with this caveat:  You need to edit your post to remove the "Reference" to "Video production rates".  This is a site for learning Irish, not one for advertising or promoting business, unless that business directly relates to learning Irish.  Ordinarily, I would immediately delete a post with a promotional link embedded, but you show some knowledge of Irish and interest in the language.

    I hope you understand my concern.  I have to delete literally thousands of post attempts of people trying to promote products and use the site for advertising.  I appreciate your understanding, and hope you will enjoy using the site to help in developing your skills with Irish.

    Thank you.

    Dale Dennis


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