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  • Ta me ag foghlaim Gaelge - where are the fadas!

    And also, what is the plural for 'fada'? If I had known I would have tried to write my first topic heading in Gaelic. I can get the fadas in my word processing programme, but they don't translate online. I've wanted to learn Irish all my life, but one thing or another always seemed to...
    Posted to Buntús Cainte learners (Forum) by Mary Lea on 04-14-2015
  • Irish accent/dialect help!

    I’ve just recently started learning Irish and I’m running into a problem/dilemma. Many of the sources that I’m using will often give multiple examples or ways to say different phrases based on the dialect of Irish (i.e Ulster, Connacht or Munster). I know a bit of spoken Irish already...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Brennan on 11-02-2013
  • Re: Just released - Buntús Cainte for iPod, iPhone and iPad!

    Hi Kam, Fáilte chuig Labhair Gaeilge (welcome to Talk Irish). Did you know you can listen to the audio on your iPod and see the lyrics at the same time? Like you, I'm a visual learner so I find hearing the audio and seeing the text is very important.
    Posted to Buntús Cainte learners (Forum) by michelle on 12-17-2010
  • Re: I want to learn Irish but I'm so overwhelmed!

    Tá brón orm, Tentaclezoom. Bhí mé tinn, agus tá mé iontach gnóthach! Is dalta mé fosta. Tá sé an-suimiúil. So. First things first. Doing a face-to-face course can be really good - but you can also learn online. Have you looked...
    Posted to General (Forum) by michelle on 11-09-2010
  • Re: I want to learn Irish but I'm so overwhelmed!

    Dia duit, Tentaclezoom (that felt a bit odd!). You sound a bit stressed about learning Irish. I can feel your pain - I too get stressed about learning. But a stressed brain doesn't learn as well as a relaxed brain. So first of all - breathe out - relax - and tóg go bóg é (*take...
    Posted to General (Forum) by michelle on 11-05-2010
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