Learn Irish with…

Des Bishop, an Irish-American comedian, who spent a year in Connemara, learning Irish. Check out for interactive Irish resources.

Wikipedia has loads of Irish language content for learners.

The BBC: Giota Beag ('a wee bit') is a free audio course for Irish language beginners. Then try Beag Eile - 'another wee bit'. Check out Bitesize Irish for resources that support the GCSE curriculum. Visit Colin and Cumberland for adult learner resources.

Download a free Irish language audio course with PDF support, narrated by Liam Ó Maonlaí.

Get resources to support Irish language learning in the classroom at Seomra Ranga.

Irish Language Dictionaries and Tools - voice synthesis project – converts text to an mp3 file. Uses a synthetic Ulster dialect. - a database of over 315,000 Irish terms, searchable in Irish and English. - Irish to Irish dictionary, great for Irish verb declension. - searchable in English and Irish. - Royal Irish Academy’s Dictionary of the Irish Language based mainly on Old and Middle Irish materials.

Irish Language News and Media - News as gaeilge - online Irish language weekly newspaper - online Irish language daily newspaper - with links to music, learning and cultural content.

Other Irish language stuff

Words in English from the Irish
You know more Irish than you think! Check out the words you know in English that have Irish origins.

Irish Placenames - a database of Ireland’s placenames. See also Wikipedia’s entry.

Ever hear an Irish person say 'I have a cold on me'? The version of English that many Irish people speak is called Hiberno-English. It's the result of the interaction between the English and Irish languages.

Irish Language Organisations

Foras na Gaeilge promotes the Irish language throughout the whole island of Ireland.

Conradh na Gaeilge aims to preserve Irish culture and promote the Irish language.

Gael Linn aims to foster and promote the Irish language and its heritage as a living language.

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