Irish Prepositional Pronouns Chart

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posted by Dale D
Thu, May 2 2013

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Irish Prepositional Pronouns Chart

This chart shows the various forms of Propostional Pronouns in Irish.  Each preposition is organized in a colored column with the preposition at the top, and its English equivalent immediately below.  Following on are the various forms when combined with the pronouns as shown in the lefthand column.  Therefore, to find the prepositional pronoun for "at you", find the preposition for "at" (ag), then find the pronoun desired in the far left column (you).  Where the row and column intersect, you will find the corresponding prepositional pronoun, in this case "agat".  If the preposition has an indication of "+ asp." or "+ ecl." then the prepositional pronoun will cause aspiration (lenition) or eclipsis to a word following, as indicated.

Below the Propositional Pronouns are some common combinations of prepositions with the article and whether the combination causes lenition or eclipsis.

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